Night Run Tel-Aviv 2017


The first cashless sports event in Israel with 25K runners.
SmarTag provided cashless payment & access control services for the 2017 Night Run - Tel Aviv.
Using a fast and secure payment solution that make hassle-free purchases on-site, runners were able to enjoy the 10K run, the expo, and the vibrant party, leaving their wallets behind.

Integration to the event website was made in advanced so patrons could top up credit prior the event while purchasing their tickets. Top-up kiosks and web portal were made available on-site for guests to load additional credit to their wristbands when needed.
Once on-site, guests simply tapped their RFID wristbands to make fast and secure cashless payments, to purchase goods, drinks, and merchandise.

SmarTag’s photo booths were located across the site, allowing the guests to take pictures and share their experience with friends and family.