Coca-Cola WOW party 2017


Our experiential marketing platform allowed Coca-Cola to get the most out of the wow party 2017, boost brand awareness and increase guest engagement before and during the event.

In order to win a ticket for the event, users registered online to compete in various games and challenges and collect points.
Our gamification platform was embedded into the event website and over 39,000 users signed in to play and win a ticket.
The campaign went beyond expectations and events tickets were sold out after 10 days, with over 500K user interactions online, include 35K user interactions on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

10K winners got an invitation with a mobile ticket to enter the event and compete for the big prize- a desired ticket to the coca cola wow tour USA.


All guests were provided with RFID wristbands, linked to their personal account, allowing them to participate in various on-site challenges and collect more points.

The results were amazing with over 96K RFID wristband interactions on-site.
The guests were rewarded with coca cola drinks and perks during the event that was redeemed using our POS and loyalty points system.

At the end of the event, after the great party and live shows, 70 happy guests with the greatest number of points in their account were announced as winners.

festival RFID