Discover Smartag 

Smartag platform is designed to fit any leisure and entertainment venue.

The platform can be easily configurable for your needs and controlled directly from your browser.

We offer a complete software package in tandem with a delightful guest profile to create a frictionless guest experience.

Our platform is a revenue-generating tool for you, allows you to increase the spend per-guest on-site.


Our platform is built from 3 core services, controlled from one web-based management panel to give you a 360° view over your venue.


Serve faster and sell more. Food & beverages, merchandise, retail we got it all covered.


Sell tickets online & on-site. Get real-time data and advanced reporting from any device.


Enhance the experience and to win your guest loyalty.


Point of sale

Our quick service POS software was designed specifically for leisure and entertainment venues with a menu-driven interface and image-based items that allows to serve faster.

We combine simple and intuitive interface with robust back-end capabilities, so it takes no time for employees to learn it, and you will get full control and advanced reporting.


  • Support all payment types: cash, credit and cashless
  • Cloud-based platform that runs on Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G, and offline mode
  • Works smoothly on any device directly from your browser
  • Advanced sales reports by: products, orders, transactions, employees, and terminals.
  • Custom daily reports and management dashboard for a general overview
  • Quick items search, add and edit
  •  Build in modules for discounts, coupon codes and tips
  • Gift card support and loyalty program integration
  • Multiple language support
  • Invoice integrations


Increasing service time by seven seconds per transaction can increase a company’s market share by 1%-3%.

Cashless payment

Cashless payment is redefining the guest experience and becoming the standard for leisure and entertainment venues. 

Cashless payment is extremely convenient for your guest and employees. Transactions are safe and super fast. No need to handle cash or carry a wallet it carefree and fun.

  • Online top-up
  • Self-service top-up kiosk
  • Auto refunds
  • Shared family accounts and parental control
  • Real-time data and full transaction records
  • Prepaid packages and auto top-up option
  • ‘P2P’ money transfer


Cashless payment is proven to increase the spend per-cap by 30-40%.

Self-service kiosks & Mobile ordering 

Integrating self-service kiosks into your venue will allow you to increase efficiency, reduce lineups, and will enable your employees to focus on the personalized aspects of the service. Using self-service kiosks you can sell more and serve better.


  • Support all  payment types: cash, credit. in-app, QR codes, RFID
  • Multiple types of kiosks and screen sizes
  • Instant up-sell offers and custom add-ons
  •  Image based menus 
  • Invoice integrations and printed receipts

Customers purchase an average of 20% more when ordering via a self-service kiosk and mobile.


Ticketing system

The ticketing system is at the core of Smartag platform. We offer an end-to-end solution for online and on-site ticket sales. You will get full control over sales, marketing, ticket types, prices, discount codes and much more. Real-time data is available anytime and anywhere you need it.


  • Online ticketing system to sell tickets from your site- iframe integration
  • Smart editor to create and design the tickets page in less than 5 min
  • Advanced tools to manage agents and external ticket sales
  • Upsell with build in add-ons and ticket bundles
  • Cutting-edge marketing capabilities to optimize the page conversion rate and manage marketing campaigns
  • Digital kiosks for on-site ticket sale
  • Support all type of tickets digital and paper

Access control

Our access control platform includes entry management, multiple areas control, credential permissions, real-time data and capacity tracking.   

Integrating RFID access control allows you to increase the security level at your venue, prevent ticket fraud and create a frictionless experience for your guests.


  • Entry management using 2D/3D barcodes or RFID
  • Virtual queueing and fast-pass solutions
  • SMS and notification reminders for rides reservations
  • Access portals, handheld readers, and turnstile integration
  • Multi-credential permissions
  • Photo identification  
  • Child locator  

58% of event goers feel that long lines are their biggest frustration. We help you to reduce waiting times and improve the experience.


Photo stations

You provide the fun moments, we provide the technology. Our photo stations were built with the newest technology, allowing us to create a seamless experience, taking advantage of RFID, face recognition, AR and social media. Our photo stations are RFID enabled and activated with a quick tap of a wristband.


  • Automatic selfie station
  • Underwater photo station
  • On-ride cameras for amusement parks
  • Roaming cameras for staff and photographers on-site
  • Interactive photo album for each guest: web app and digital photo kiosk
  • Shared family and friends albums
  • Social media instant integration
  • Photo printers and custom photo merchandise
  • Automagical content- recap videos, GIF and much more.
  • Custom graphics, stickers, and branding options


Allowing your guest to share their photos instantly will boost your brand social media exposure.


RFID activations offer you endless opportunities to engage your visitors online and on-site. You can allow your guest to collect points for any wristband scan in order to encourage them to engage with all the park activities. Points can than be redeemed with a tap of the wristband for prizes, discounts or other incentives.

We can help you expand the experience with online games and social media challenges. After purchasing the tickets your guests will be invited to create their account and play online. It will help you to build the excitement towards the visit and to collect valuable data.

Family and friends can link together their accounts to create more social and gamified experience they won’t forget.


  • Plug n play games online
  • Interactive media stations on-site
  • Social media instant integration
  • Brand and sponsor activations
  • Increased sales with loyalty incentives 
  • Personalized experience 

Management system

Manage all software modules simply from your browser. We will provide you with a web-based admin and custom dashboards to control each aspect of the platform. 

Track and analyze key elements of your venue/event and get actionable insights to increase efficiency and drive revenues.  

Get real-time data about guest behavior and manage your marketing efforts with custom SMS, emails, and notifications.

Our management platform is easy to use so it will take no time for your employees to learn it.  


  • Create multiple permission types for employees
  • Connect from any device: desktop and mobile
  • Get advanced reports for tickets, sales, access control and more
  • Simply manage and support your guests
  • Control all user touch points and points of sale
  • Collect valuable user behavior data online and on-site

Guest portal

The guest portal provides your guests with easy access to their photos & videos, allows them to manage their cashless account and control every aspect of their experience. We offer multi-platform solution so you can find the best option for your venue: mobile app SDK, web app, and digital kiosks.


  • Smart pass: tickets, coupons, and passes scaned directly from the smartphone
  • Photo album: view, edit, upload, share,and buy photos & videos
  • Cashless account: view purchases history, check balance, link credit card, enable auto top-up
  • Social media integration for instant sharing
  • Shared family accounts and parental control
  • SMS and notifications for promotions