Smart Up Your Event

From music festival to sports events we will help you to manage your event and create the best experience for your guests. We offer a cloud-based CRM and feature-rich supportive apps that will elevate the experience for guests, vendors, sponsors and, staff.

Using RFID wristbands your guests will enjoy quick site access, fast & secure payments, instant social media sharing, loyalty rewards and more - all with a quick tap of their wrist.  

You will get a better visibility and control over your event with ticket sales reports, on-site purchases and access control data in real-time. 

Our cashless payment system is proven to increase event revenue by 15% - 30%.

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Ticketing System

Sell tickets your way. Creating your event tickets in our system is fast and simple. Our responsive ticketing system will integrate seamlessly with your own website. You can create multiple ticket types, add packages and bundles, venue maps, and much more. Not sold out? You can sell tickets on-site via our self-service kiosks.

Cashless Payment

Cashless payment is extremely convenient for guests, vendors, and staff. Transactions are super-fast, the top-up is simple, and all purchases are processed digitally and accessed in real time. Guests can top up funds before the event and on-site via mobile and self-service kiosks. Incentivize your guests with prepaid bonuses, eases their mind and allows them to spend more freely with post-event auto refunds.

Access Control

Our flexible access-control system allows you to manage access to multiple zones across your venue such as VIP, golden ring, backstage, and more. You will get real-time visitor capacity. RFID wristbands allow you to securely seal your event venue and eliminate ticket fraud. You can choose RFID wristbands, cards, lanyards, or other devices—all can be designed and customized for your brand.        

Photo Booths

Create a fun experience your guests will remember and share. Get major brand impressions, and increase social-media reach with our photo activations and instant social-media integration. We offer selfie stations, a roaming tablet app, and underwater photo booths that will take your event to the next level. Our photo stations can be activated with a tap of the wristband, and the photos are sent directly to the guests’ personal albums, where they can buy, edit, and share their photos.

Mobile Tickets

Allow your guests to use their mobiles as tickets. After the purchase, the ticket will be sent via SMS, email, or mobile app. It’s simple, convenient, and eco-friendly. Barcode scanning is super-fast and reduces waiting time.

Brand & Sponsor activation

Our experience is coming around 360° with RFID technology blurring the lines between the online and offline world. We offer online games and on-site interactions that allow your guests to gain points before and during the event, and redeem rewards with a tap of their wristband. We provide event sponsors with guest-engagement data and measurable ROI while creating the opportunity to interact with guests in fun and innovative ways.


Manage your event in one place with a custom dashboard for each component: ticketing, access control, payments, and guest lists. Get real-time data and advanced reporting anywhere and anytime via our web admin, which can be accessed easily on desktop and mobile.

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Our software and hardware platform designed for leisure and entertainment venues, it is flexible and can match any venue needs, from water parks to music festivals