Smarter Engagement

 RFID/NFC technology offers you endless ways to interact and engage your guests online and on-site. 

We offer you to take your venue to the next level with smart photo booths, interactive media stations, 

gamification and loyalty rewards.       

Various types of RFID/NFC enabled photo stations and roaming cameras, modified for any venue need.

Social media integration for instant sharing: photos and videos, brand stickers, auto  #hashtags and ready made posts.

Advanced e-commerce solution for photos and merchandise sales online and on-site.

Plug n' play games and custom leader boards. Loyalty point and prizes loaded onto the guest wristbands. 

Create an experience your guests will remember and share!

We create personal photo albums for your guests, where they can view, edit, share and buy their photos.

All photos and videos updated automatically to the album, the guests only need to tap their wristband and smile.

Family and friends can link their wristbands to a shared album that will be available online during their visit and even after they leave.

How it works:

tap & smile 

Tap wristband to take photos & videos

get photos 

Get photos and videos to your personal album


Edit, share and buy photos and custom prints