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 SmarTag offers a conference-management system that allows attendees to register online, get specific access to events and meeting rooms, get conference content, and share business cards, all with a tap of their RFID badge. 

We provide conference organizers with a feature-rich ticketing and entry-management system that helps them streamline the check-in and registration process. It also provides advanced data and analytics dashboards to track event and booth traffic.



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Ticketing System

Sell tickets your way, creating your event tickets in our system is fast and simple. Our responsive ticketing system will be integrated seamlessly into your own website. You can create multiple ticket types, add packages and bundles, venue maps and much more.  Not sold out? You can sell tickets on-site via our self-service kiosks.

Mobile Tickets

Allow your guests to use their mobile as the ticket. After the purchase, the ticket will be sent via SMS, email or mobile app. It’s simple, convenient and eco-friendly. Barcode scanning is super-fast and reduces waiting time.

Registration & Badging

Print badges on-site as guests arrive. No more printing and sorting mass quantities of badges pre-event. We offer self-service check-in kiosks to reduce queues and support various types of technologies: QR codes, barcodes, and RFID.

Booth Tracking & Lead Capture

Exhibitors can simply capture prospect’s details and share marketing content using their smartphone or handheld reader. No need to collect business cards or create lists manually. Leads are being saved instantly to the cloud and can be export easily anytime.We provide the exhibitors with valuable data: booth session tracking, prospects demographics and more. 

Smart Networking 

Using our smart networking stations users can create interest groups and share their contact details instantly with colleagues. The interactive networking stations activated easily using the guest badges and connected to their social media profiles. 

Cashless Payment

No more papers and cash handling on-site. Guests can pay with a tap of their wristbands. We offer shared accounts for groups, allows to link multiple wristbands to the same account. Guests can top-up funds onto their wristband prior to the event or on-site, you can sell food and drink packages that can be loaded to the guests' account.   


Manage your event in one place with a custom dashboard for each component: ticketing, access control, payments and guest lists. Get real-time data and advanced reporting anywhere and anytime via our web admin that can be accessed easily from desktop and mobile.

The Best Experience For The Best Industries

Our software and hardware platform designed for leisure and entertainment venues, it is flexible and can match any venue needs, from water parks to music festivals