Smarter payments

 Our goal is to create a carefree and seamless experience for guests that will allow them to focus on having fun. 

To achieve it we set out to create an end-to-end payment system that simplify the experience throughout the guest journey before during and after the visit.

Shorter wait times. Cashless transactions are super-fast and save cash handling time. Allowing guests to pay with a tap makes payment processes run much smoother.

Increased security and minimum cash handling issues. All the purchases are processed digitally, can be view in real-time, and backed up by a digital trail.

Full control and transparency. Cashless payment platform allows to obtain accurate sales data and enables to provide all vendors with real-time and post-event reports.

Higher spend per customer. with advanced top-ups and faster transactions, you can increase on-site sales by 15-30%.

How cashless payment works:


Top up the cashless account online in advanced, top up on-site via smartphone or top up stations. 


It's safe, fast, and fun!  

get an auto refund

the remained balance will be refunded to the credit card after the visit

SmarTag POS software

Manage all on-site sales: merchandise, food & beverages. We support cashless, credit, gift card, and QR code modules

that allow operators to process transactions quickly, with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.