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RFID bands are reshaping the amusement park industry. SmarTag offers you the opportunity to integrate the new technology in a more effective and efficient way.

We offer a turnkey, white-label solution that meets any park’s needs. From water parks to theme parks and family attractions, we can help manage your venue and create the best experience for your guests.

Whether a guest is making a purchase, topping up a cashless account, skipping the line using our fast-pass solutions, taking a photo with our photo booths, or renting a locker, we want to make sure that the entire experience is as seamless and convenient as possible.

We provide you with a complete package that includes wearable devices and all the supportive apps and hardware you need. Our CRM was designed to support any aspect of the platform and gives you 360° visibility and full control over your park.






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Cashless Payment

Cashless Payment is extremely convenient for guests, vendors, and staff.Transactions are super-fast, the top-up is simple and all purchases processed digitally and accessed in real-time. Guest can top-ups funds before the arrival and on-site via mobile and self-service kiosks. We offer shared family accounts, allows to pool top ups together and link multiple wristbands to the same account. We provide auto refunds for any leftover credit so guests can top up more freely.

Ticketing System

Our responsive ticketing system will be integrated seamlessly into your own website. You can control every aspect of the ticketing process and create multiple ticket types, seasonal and family passes. Allow your guests to purchase tickets where and when they want to: via mobile app, website or via our self-service kiosks on-site. 

Fast Queue 

Our system allows visitors to skip lines and focus entirely on having fun. Using the virtual queue technology, visitors can reserve ride times online and go play elsewhere until it's their turn. Another option is a VIP fast-pass that can be purchased and loaded directly onto the guest RFID wristband. For water parks, wristbands and self-service kiosks might be the only option for a fast queue, as guests often aren't carrying their smartphones.

Loyalty & Gamification  

We offer online and offline games and competitions that allows guest to gain points and win prizes. Guests can play games online before the visit and gain points that will be redeemed using their wristband on-site. Family and friends can link their wristbands to play together. With our technology and interactive touch points, the engagement possibilities are endless. Gamification is an effective way to integrate the RFID into the guest experience at amusement parks, allows you to delight and reward your guests.

Photo stations

Elevate your guest experience with RFID enabled photo booths. Your guests can take pictures wherever they like: selfie stations, underwater photo booths and roaming cameras. We will create a personal photo album for them, loaded with photos, videos, and engaging content. Guests can share, edit and buy their photos via mobile and self-service kiosks on-site.  Just tap your wristband and smile, we will take care of the rest.   


Mobile Tickets

Allow your guests to use their mobiles as tickets. After the purchase, the ticket will be sent via SMS, email, or mobile app. It’s simple, convenient, and eco-friendly. Barcode scanning is super-fast and reduces waiting time.

Packages & Add-ons

Upsell your guests during the booking process with prepaid cashless packages. Offer food, drink, and merchandise add-ons for the tickets and increase the per-guest spend before they even arrive.

Cloud-based Management System 

Get full control over your park with real-time data & analytics. Manage all your services easily from your desktop or mobile, collect valuable information on customer behavior, ticket sales, and on-site customer spending. We provide you with custom dashboards and reports based on your business special needs.     

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Our software and hardware platform designed for leisure and entertainment venues, it is flexible and can match any venue needs, from water parks to music festivals