All-in-One Solution to Run a Smart Park

Smartag's platform helps you run your entire park operation easily and efficiently from one place. Ticketing,  payments, access control, self-service kiosk & mobile ordering, photo activation, RFID wristbands, we got it all covered. We create an enhanced guest experience that results in higher spend per-head, reduced manpower expenditure, and above all ensures your guest satisfaction.

Park Management Software - Made Perfect

Operating a park is complex and typically involved many different systems and suppliers. We make it easier for you, providing you with all the software modules in one place. Sell, manage and get full control over your venue.


Online ticketing system

Self-service kiosks 

Mobile tickets 

Upsells and custom packages

Resellers and OTA management



Access Control 

Entry management

Fast queues solutions

Capacity tracking

RFID lockers integration

Credential management



POS software

Cashless payment

Mobile ordering

Self-service kiosks

Inventory management






RFID wristbands

Photo stations

Loyalty rewards 

Interactive games

Social media integration


Smart Wristband Packed With Experience

RFID wristbands makes the perfect solution for creating a frictionless experience, providing your guests with smart wristbands will allow them to take any action simply by tapping their wristband. From the moment they enter the park the wristband is all they need, it will serve as the entry ticket, access and fast queue pass, and payment device that will shorten lines and increase guest spending.

rfid access control

Key Benefits

Generate revenues and increase secondary spend.

Collect valuable data and monitor guest behavior.

Boost your social media reach.

Increase value proposition for sponsors.

Win guest loyalty and create memorable experience.

Streamline your operations and reduce costs.