Smarter Access

 Our goal is to create stress-free time and convenient experience for your guests. When your visitors purchase their ticket online or on-site our platform receives the ticket data in real time. When the visitors arrive at the gate we scan their ticket to verify their credential and provide them with a smart wristband for 

a seamless experience throughout their visit.   

Sell tickets your way. We can provide you with a complete ticketing solution online and on-site, or we can integrate to any third party ticketing system.

Use mobile tickets and RFID/NFC devices to speed up entry and eliminate ticket fraud.

 Control access to multiple areas at your venue, and manage visitor permissions: area based, time based, capacity based or any other .

Get real-time data and capacity counts to increase security level and efficiency at your venue .

Optimise your guest flow and gain control over your venue

 Our flexible access control system, combined with custom entrance portals and handheld readers, can be utilized for any venue needs: Handle single entry and multiple entry tickets, 

handle multiple areas control, create fast queues, set capacity and time-based limitations, and much more. 

We help you to save manpower costs and allow fast and easy integration at your venue.


How it works:

Scan mobile tickets


verify guest credentials 


Put on the smart wristband